Hughes Studio - Physio Led and Traditional Pilates

Frequently asked questions

How can I enrol for these classes?

  • There is currently a waiting list for studio classes.
  • Contact Hughes and Associates at the number below and ask for availability in your preferred class.
  • If space is not available immediately, we will add you to a waiting list and will contact you whenever a suitable vacancy arises.
  • Alternatively, join the online Zoom classes. Complete the free introductory video classes and then contact us to be added to the interactive Zoom classes.

What is Physio-led Pilates?

  • Pilates is a low impact conditioning exercise that strengthens core muscles of the body to provide you with improved strength, balance and control.
  • Pilates can also ease and prevent muscular aches and pains.
  • Our Physiotherapists are also qualified Pilates Instructors and may prescribe Pilates exercises as part of your overall treatment if you would benefit from greater core stability.
  • With their knowledge of how the body works and of your condition, they can modify your Pilates exercise to best suit your ability and fitness levels. This ensures your exercised will be safe and effective for you.

What conditions is Physio-led Pilates used to treat?

As you're under the expert guidance of a Physiotherapist, Physio-led Pilates is suitable for almost everyone. It can be used to increase flexibility and to alleviate pain and stiffness caused by:

  • Sciatica
  • General neck and back pain
  • Weak stomach muscles
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions
  • Pilates can also promote wellbeing and good sleep. It's ideal for any age from young adult upwards, and any ability and fitness level.

What should I wear?

What clothing to wear for a Pilates workout is very much up to you. Comfortable exercise clothes that let you have full range of motion is fine. You don't need anything special. A few things to consider if you are going to a class at a studio.

  • Most Pilates studios are casual. Keeping your attire simple, at least at first, will help you figure out what works best for you and what the norms are at your studio.
  • One exception however, is fitness attire that is too loose. Baggy is a problem in Pilates as well as yoga classes because it can be too revealing, and because an instructor must be able to see your alignment and muscle use. If you are unsure about what to wear or about other standards at a studio, there is nothing wrong with calling or visiting to find out what other students wear.
  • It is always a good idea to keep jewelry to a minimum when you workout. Bracelets, long necklaces, and even dangling earrings can be distracting or, worse, get caught in the equipment.
  • It is a courtesy to other students to refrain from wearing strong scents.

Is there parking?

You can park for free at our premises, but please park outside The Courtyard.

How do I pay?

For studio classes you can pay by cash or cheque at our studio, or by bank transfer or Paypal. Payment for a block of classes is due in advance at the first class of the block.

For Zoom classes you will be invoiced monthly via Paypal.

What apps do I need for Zoom classes?

You will need a WhatsApp account on your phone to receive class invites.

Create Free ZOOM Account
You need to create a free ZOOM account via this link:

  • It will ask for a date of birth - its ok to lie, you just have to be over 18 :-)

  • It will ask for your work email address - use any of your email addresses.
  • When you click on the button you can either that ZOOM can send stuff to you, or use to unsubscribe entirely from sales pitches.

  • An email will be sent to you to allow you to activate the account:

  • Welcome to Zoom!
    To activate your account please click the button below to verify your email address

  • Clicking on the link (or copying the address to your browser) will take you to a setup page:

  • Are you signing up on behalf of a school?

  • Click the No option and button.

  • The "Welcome to Zoom" page will display.

    Hi, abc**@**com. Your account has been successfully created. Please list your name and create a password to continue.

  • Enter your Forename and Surname (So that we know who you are when you join a class)

  • Create a new password which must:

    Have at least 8 characters
    Have at least 1 letter (a, b, c...)
    Have at least 1 number (1, 2, 3...)
    Include both upper case and lower case characters

    For example DexterDog2 (<-- please don't use this one !!)

  • Then click "continue" button.

  • The "Don't Zoom Alone" page will display.

  • Click button.

  • The "Start your test meeting" page will display.
  • Close the browser page.

  • That is you set-up with a free ZOOM account.

  • Test your login by opening the ZOOM App and enter your email and password and click
    If successful you will see options for starting new meetings etc.
    You can sign out by clicking the icon on top right of screen and select sign out.

How to access Zoom class?

  • Classroom will open 15 minutes before start time – a link and login info will be posted on Hughes-Studio-Pilates WhatsApp group.
  • You will be prompted to log in to the ZOOM app with your own email address and password. There may also be a Captcha security code to prove you’re not a robot…
  • When joining a class please shut off your video and before the class starts we will mute your mic, but you will be able to un-mute yourself if you need to ask the teacher any questions.

Equipment for Zoom classes?

  • The equipment for Zoom online classes listed below is either required or optional.
  • The links take you to one retailer for each item, but you may well find it somewhere else. For example, Lidl offer some Pilates equipment once or twice each year.

ItemRequired or OptionalNotes
Yoga Mat R
0.5 kg Weighted Balls or 1kg Weighted Balls R May be substituted by grocery cans
Soft Ball (large) R Often referred to as an Ova ball
Swiss Ball 55cm O 65 cm also available
Head Block R
Sitting Block O
Magic Circle or Yoga Belt R Magic Circle is the preferred option. Belt can be substituted by a dressing gown cord
Half Round Roller 15 x 90cm or Full Roller 15 x 90cm R Full roller is the more difficult option
Massage Balls x 2 R Often referred to as Hedgehogs
2m Medium Resistance Band or 2m High Resistance Band R
Loop Resistance Band pack of 5 O Sometimes handier to use rather than tying knots in the long resistance band