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Hughes Studio

Physio Led and Traditional Pilates
We were established in 2011 by Veronica Hughes, a Chartered Physiotherapist and Certified APPI Pilates Instructor. Hughes Studio has earned a reputation as a leading provider of Physiotherapy led pilates in Ballymena.
In 2019 we expanded our offering to include Traditional Pilates taught by qualified non-physio teachers. The studio offers a range of classes catering for all ages and abilities, based on the APPI method.
2020 brought the challenges of the Covid pandemic, and for some time it wasn't possible to offer classes in the studio. So we adapted and ran classes very successfully via Zoom. Even with the re-opening of the studio there was continuing demand for Zoom classes and we hope to continue these while the demand is there.
Usually there is a waiting list for studio classes, so our Zoom classes may be of interest to some while waiting for a studio place.

Our teachers look forward to sharing their love of Pilates and it's benefits with you! Let us use our expertise and experience to help you reach your health and fitness goals - and enjoy the craic along the way